— Update on First Select Committee Meeting

I attended the first meeting of the Select Committee (SC). Supervisor Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors was voted Chair of the Committee. Supervisor Dave Pine, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors was voted Vice Chair.

I talked to both to the SC Chair, Joe Simitian, and to the FAA Director for the Western Region, Dave Martin. I reiterated Woodside’s dramatic increase in aircraft noise since late last year. I pointed out that because the sharp increase is recent, we have not had the chance to build an orchestrated response to the FAA and elected officials like many other towns have. Nevertheless, Woodside’s aircraft noise problems should not be overlooked.

The FAA Initiative with Feasibility Results is to be released the week of May 9th. The FAA has reviewed solution proposals from resident groups and elected officials to reduce aircraft noise. This updated FAA Initiative report will include a list of the solution proposals that are deemed not feasible and will not receive further consideration at this time. For those items in the FAA Initiative deemed feasible the updated Initiative will provide a detailed proposal for each feasible item.

The next meetings of the Select Committee where residents are invited to give their input on the updated FAA Initiative list of solutions and aircraft noise
• Meeting with constituents in San Mateo county: June 15, 6-8:30p
• Meeting with constituents in Santa Clara county: June 29, 6-8:30p
Mark your calendar, attend, let the committee members know your concerns.

The next SFO Roundtable on Aircraft Noise Abatement meeting is June 1, 7pm.
Woodside Mayor Gordon represents Woodside.
Details at http://sforoundtable.org
Mark your calendar, attend, let the cities’ representatives know your concerns.

The next Woodside Town Council Meeting is Tuesday May 10, 7:30. Please attend the Communications part of the meeting, let the Council know your concerns.