Report Aircraft Noise

Report aircraft noise NOW!

The simplest and fastest way to file an aircraft noise report is to use the website that can be accessed directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop.
The url will show as "".

A  very useful visual guide to setup the application, from Sky Posse Palo Alto,  is found here.  Another detailed guide  is found here.

Simple steps to add the website as an icon to your phone or tablet Home Screen  are described here.

NOTE:  Make sure that when filling the registration  the entered zip code  gets assigned the city of Woodside, not Redwood City. Otherwise, the complaints will not count toward Woodside. If this happens, contact me and I will work with Google to get this fixed.

The SFO Noise Abatement Office considers both the total number of complaints and how many distinct people filed a complaint per month. The number of complaints  can matter in determining the changes of flight paths and procedures over your neighborhood.   Tell  as many  neighbors as possible to use   File everyday as many complaints as aircraft noise disturbances occur,  and at least every month.

Report aircraft noise NOW!