–Information on Select Committee Meetings from Woodside Mayor

Woodside Mayor Deborah Gordon posted on Nextdoor Woodside this informational message from Rep. Speier office regarding the upcoming Select Committee meetings:

As you know, the FAA has engaged with our communities as a response to Congresswoman Speier and her colleagues’ bringing NextGen noise complaints to the FAA Administrator in the spring of 2015. Community meetings were subsequently held, public input was received and the FAA compiled these suggestions into the initial FAA Initiatives Report.

The FAA is evaluating these Initiatives noise improvement suggestions using their seven step process:
1. Detailed analysis
2. Fly-ability
3. Operational Assessment
4. Feasibility
5. Stakeholder Feedback (includes the public)
6. Initial Environmental Review
7. Safety Assessment

UPDATED FAA Initiative with Feasibility Results to be released the week of May 9th
The FAA will provide the updated FAA Initiative (which will include the results of evaluation steps through Step #4 above -- the final feasibility determination of each item) to the three members of Congress for public dissemination during the week of May 9th. This updated FAA Initiatives report will include a list of FAA Initiative items that are deemed not feasible and will not receive further consideration at this time. For those items in the FAA Initiative deemed “feasible”, the updated Initiative will provide a detailed proposal for each feasible item.

The SFO Roundtable Chair and Vice Chair will work with the FAA to assure technical FAA staff is present for future RT meetings during which you will consider the FAA Initiatives proposals.

Organizational Meeting of the Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals
While the SFO RT has an established structure in place to provide for public input and community representation for San Francisco County and San Mateo County, the three Congressional Districts have established the Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals (SCSBA) to provide for public input and community representation at public meetings for residents of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and southern San Mateo County.

The SFO RT and the SCSBA will each work independently on the Initiative items primarily affecting their area, but should communicate as needed – especially on flight procedure proposals which might “overlap” and significantly affect areas represented by both the SFO RT and the SCSBA.

Because the SCSBA does not have an existing administrative structure, the Members and Alternates of the SCSBA have been invited to attend an organizational meeting on Friday, May 6th at 2pm at SFO at the T2 Planning Room. The purpose of the meeting is to have the SCSBA members meet each other, elect their Chair and Vice-Chair, and confirm dates for their public meetings. It is expected that welcoming the group will be Airport Director John Martin, Congresswomen Speier and Eshoo and FAA Regional Administrator Glen Martin. There is a possibility that there may be a short briefing on the basics—FAA/ATC 101. Most SFO RT members are already well versed on this topic, but if desired, Glen Martin can present the same briefing at an upcoming meeting of the SFO RT.

The SCSBA organizational meeting will not discuss any substantive flight procedures and will not discuss the results of the updated FAA Initiative Report with feasibility results (which will be released during the week of May 9th). Discussion of substantive issues will be reserved for the three SCSBA public meetings tentatively scheduled in late May and June.

SFO RT Members are welcome to attend this SCSBA organizational meeting to observe, but since the SFO RT Chair is planning to attend and there are 8 SCSBA Members and Alternates who are also SFO RT members/alternates, you may want to consider Brown Act limitations on the total number of SFO RT members who can be present.

While this SCSBA organizational meeting is open to the public to observe, we would ask that any community groups send a representative rather than a group of members. There will be no opportunity for discussion of any substantive issues such as flight procedures or the content of the updated FAA Initiatives report.

Below for your reference is a list of the Members and Alternates of the SCSBA.

If you have any questions about the SCSBA organizational meeting, please contact me.

All the best,

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