Contact Elected Officials

Let our elected officials know that Woodside's dramatic aircraft noise increase problems may be recent, but they are just as important. The FAA is right now considering changes to routes and procedures. We want that these changes decrease the aircraft noise, not increase it over Woodside. Thank our elected officials for their hard work in addressing the aircraft noise issue with the FAA.


  1. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo by clicking here. Fill the survey at the end of the page.
  2. Woodside Representative on SFO Roundtable on Noise Abatement and Woodside Town Mayor Deborah Gordon by sending an email.
  3. Select Committee Member for Rep. Eshoo District and Portola Valley Councilmember Ann Wengert by sending an email.
  4. Chair and Select Committee Member for Rep. Eshoo District and San Clara County  Supervisor Joe Simitian by clicking here.
  5. Congresswoman Jackie Speier by clicking here.
  6. Vice Chair and Select Committee Member for Rep. Speier District and San Mateo County  Supervisor David Pine by sending an email.
  7. San Mateo County Supervisor Don Horsley (Woodside, Portola Valley, Ladera) by sending an email.
  8. Senator Barbara Boxer by clicking here.
  9. Senator Diane Feinstein by clicking here.

Find Out More on the Position and Efforts of our Elected Officials on Aircraft Noise Increase.


Congresswoman Anna Eshoo: “New flight paths implemented by the FAA have generated an alarming increase in noise impacts across my entire Congressional District. Large, small, urban, and rural communities have been affected, and the majority of noise complaints in my District involve arrivals at SFO."
Congresswoman Jackie Speier:   “The recent increase in aircraft noise has created an intolerable environment for many communities. I expect the FAA to work with the appointees on both committees to mitigate the intense increase in aircraft noise that is making it unbearable for many of my constituents.”
Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein: "[FAA] ...Take all practicable steps to address the noise impacts of the NextGen initiative on California communities. While we appreciate that this airspace modernization program is intended to benefit airlines and their customers, these benefits may not outweigh the serious noise concerns reported by many other Californians."