About Us

We are a group of homeowners in the town of Woodside who are concerned about the increase of aircraft noise and want to preserve the tranquil rural character of our town, our quality of life, and our health.

We are scientists, artists, engineers, physicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, attorneys, high-tech executives, Stanford faculty, and more.


We are extremely grateful for the incredible efforts of our Congressional Representatives Anna Eshoo and Jackie Speier in representing the interests of their constituents to the FAA, through the FAA Initiative to Reduce Aircraft Noise and the creation of the Select Committee. (more info here.)


So, we heed Congresswoman Eshoo’s position to focus on regional solutions that do not simply shift noise to other communities:

“Moving forward, if we're to be successful, we must create regional solutions.”   “This is a regional problem which calls for regional solutions. Simply shifting noise from one community to another is not an option.”


We also believe that a data-oriented approach enables us to precisely articulate the aircraft noise problems we are experiencing. The FAA has asked input from the communities on the noise problems they are experiencing and suggestions for approaches to address them. So, part of our work is to gather and analyze data to better understand the characteristics of the aircraft noise that impacts us and to communicate it to elected officials and the FAA.


We also believe that it is important to be cognizant enough of solution concepts to be able to engage in productive exchanges with the FAA.  We also believe that solutions intended to provide relief in the near-term do not preclude solutions in the longer-term.


We welcome meetings and discussions on these issues with the FAA, SFO, elected officials and other resident groups.


Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!   Join our Mailing List.

We welcome help in varied areas of expertise: community outreach, data analysis, website design, aviation, etc.